Paoay Sand Dunes, located 20 minutes from Laoag City and facing Suba Beach, is another spectacular natural attraction. It is a continuation of the Ilocos Sand Dunes, spanning an area of 88 square kilometers and packed with sand dunes of varied heights, with a picturesque view of the coast at the summit. Ilocos is also known for its thrilling 4×4 vehicle trips and sandboarding training. It has also used as a filming location for well-known Filipino films such as Himala, starring Nora Aunor, Pedro Penduko, and Panday, as well as foreign films such as Mad Max (1981), Born on the Fourth of July, starring Tom Cruise, and Platoon, starring Johnny Depp (1986).

Locals can accompany you to the bamboo art project dedicated to Ms. Nora Aunor for the movie Himala, dubbed Himala sa Buhanginan Structures, or to the Suba Beach beachfront, both of which are wonderful photo opportunities.


The Paoay Sand Dunes can be reached by road vehicles. Turn left onto Laoag-Paoay road, then left onto Suba Beach road, and continue until you reach the dock area. On the left side of the road are the sand dunes. Guests can rent a 4×4 and take sandboarding instruction for an hour.

Experience a new thrill!

4×4 Ride is what most tourists come here for. Experience a bumpy, dusty, and fun wild ride!

Go Sandboarding at the Famous Desert of the North

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